Ruined Serpentis Temple Site

Initial Group

  • 2x Cruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader) Bounty:140k
  • 3x Battleships (Core Rear Admiral) Bounty:543k
  • 2x Battleships (Core Port Admiral) Bounty: 487,5k

Reinforcement Wave 1 triggered by approching Hulk or Derelict

  • 2x Cruiser (Corelatis High Captain) Bounty:153k

Spawn Containers :

  • 2x Serpentis Derelict (Salvaging)[can deal 500 Dmg while salvaging)
  • 1x Serpentis Hulk (Salvaging)
  • 2x Serpentis Remains (Analyzing)
  • 1x Serpentis Ruins (Analyzing)
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