Serpentis Sanctum

the last ship will trigger the next wave

Intial Group

  • 4x Frigates (Coreli Guardian Safeguard)
  • 3x Cruiser (Corelum Guardian Chief Guard) Damp
  • 6x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral) orbits at 65km Bounty:1,162M

Reinforcement Wave 1
3x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Guard Defender) Bounty: 247k
4x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral) //orbits at 65km

Reinforcement Wave 2

  • 3x Frigates (Corelli Guardian Defneder
  • 3x Battleships

Reinforcement Wave 3

  • 4 Cruiser (Corelatis Wing Leader)
  • 3x Battleships

Reinforcement Wave 4

  • 3x Battleships (Core Lord Admiral)
  • 3x Battleships (Core Admiral)

Reinforcment Wave 5

Complete Bounty: xx Mio

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